Motivation and Inspiration

Everyone who is inspired can spawn wise words. For example, if you are inspired by the experience of having pain, then you remember when you feel healthy, arise in your mind “Health is a priceless treasure” or someday you ever remember the kindness of your parents how they are caring and loving you. Your inspiration will arise again in your mind “Love of parents will not be avenged forever.”

That is how this wise quote is always born from one’s experience, especially after he has gained wisdom from the actions that have been done both bitter experiences and happy experiences.

These inspirational quotes is advice or inspiration expressed by someone to motivate or inspire others or to influence other people to take the same action, or it can be a lesson so that other people do not experience the same thing when someone gets a disaster.

Besides, wise quotes can also be a reminder of yourself about the inspiration you get.

Indeed, not all wise quotes are born from experience but can also be born of the most profound thoughts or observations of a person. The example is poetic poetry or advice that has deep meaning often produced by Kahlil Gibran’s thoughts or motivational words from Mario Teguh, a well-known motivator from Indonesia.

The theme of these wise quotes is various. Some talk about romantic love, some talk about management, wise quotes of Islam, business, humor, politics, family, etc., and the most is about motivation to succeed, of course.

The following is a selection of categories that you can read on

Wise Quotes

At you can read short inspirational quotes with descriptions so as not to cause different or miss perceptions and also presented by images to be more touching to the heart.

You can read the words directly or include the description. Besides, images of wise quotes presented are also adjusted to the meaning of the words themselves.

The following is a collection of the main articles of inspirational quotes that we summarize that you can read to get inspiration.

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Through the life quotes of successful people, especially those who have a situation similar to that which is being experienced by someone who is in need of input or an injection of motivation can inspire the spirit of how someone should behave.

These inspirational quotes can be read daily or more often because they don’t need to read for long. You simply choose a category according to the situation you are facing (your mood). Then you can read it slowly while exploring the meaning.

Happy reading!