Friendship Quotes to Inspire You to Maintain Relationship

true frind quotes

The following is a collection of friendship quotes that might inspire you in establishing social life around you. In this life, humans cannot live alone without help from others. This is what causes humans to be called social beings. The friend is someone who can make you happy or sometimes angry (by their criticism) in all situations that … Read more

Hard Work Quotes for Your Daily Motivation

hard work quotes

The following are a collection of inspirational hard work quotes that can be used as references so that we are more motivated at work. Working and getting income is the need of each especially for the head (leader) of the family. There is much kind of motivation for someone to work. But most of a person’s main motivation … Read more

Past and Future Quotes that Motivates You to Stay Focus on Goals

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Certainly, everyone hopes to have a beautiful future. However, that hope cannot be taken for granted without any effort and struggle. What will happen in the future indeed does not escape from what¬†happened today? If you want to achieve the future as you wish, you must make careful planning from an early age because to realizing the future … Read more

Focus Quotes to Help You Stay Focus on Goals

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Focus on the goals is a thing needs to do by someone if he wants to gain success in his life. Careful planning, if it is not accompanied by a consistent effort continuously, will be difficult to obtain success. According to Mr. Bob Sadino, Don’t be “smart,” but be a “stupid” if you want to succeed in business. … Read more

17 Time Quotes that Will Make You Appreciate Your Time

The following is time quotes about time management as your inspiration to be more efficient in utilizing time. Time will continue and will never happen again. People who do not take the best use of time are losers. Many things can be done to take advantage of every opportunity. It is for active learning, working diligently, doing various … Read more

16 Collection of Best Marriage Quotes to Inspire You

Below marriage quotes are the best advice as an inspiration for your household to be more harmonious. When we get married or do a marriage, it means that a couple of candidate promises to commit so that each of them can give each other the best for the continuation of their household or their family, including their children. … Read more

17 Positive Quotes for Success in Life

positive quotes about life

Positive thinking is a thought that can motivate someone. This mind easily arises when someone is in a happy state. Conversely when someone is in a depressing situation, usually the person will easily think negatively. Suppose someone who is given a job by his boss in the office more than his friend easily feels jealous of his friend. … Read more