14 Quotes About True Love that Will Touch Your Heart

Quotes About Love Someone

Often for young couples, the meaning of love and likes are considered the same. But this is clearly different. True love can be interpreted as a sincere feeling from the deepest heart, accepting your partner’s shortcomings, finding comfort and always trying to be a better person. True love is a process that is not built in a short … Read more

How to Motivate Yourself by Asking Great Questions

Self Motivation with question

Have you ever motivated yourself with empowering questions? As you ask questions like this: What do I have to do so I can get a promotion? How can we establish cooperation again? Or have you ever asked yourself such as: Why isn’t my salary going up? Why do I always fail in building relationships with other people? Quality … Read more

15 Motivational Famous Quotations About Laziness

Laziness Quotes

Laziness is often a problem for many people, especially when someone is required to be left at work. Everyone can experience laziness so that it can affect the slow pace of activity. If it is not immediately addressed, this feeling of laziness can often be detrimental because it is one of the mental illnesses that causes inhibition of activity. … Read more

8 Quotes of Prayer to Strengthen a Disheartened Heart

Quotes of Prayer to Strengthen Heart

“The pray that granted by God is one of the sources of divine power that cannot be changed by human. No matter how hard man tries, but if God wills other things, his efforts will be in vain. ” – Anonim This time stormsofmygrandchildren.com will present the wise quotes about praying from several figures known to be successful in their fields. There … Read more

Anger Management : Tips for Controlling Your Anger

Anger management

Everyone must ever be angry. Anger is a natural expression that is almost certainly experienced by everyone. Anger is interpreted as an expression/response made as a result of a mismatch of what is desired with the results obtained. Angry does not always have to be interpreted as a negative thing. Anger can also have a positive impact if … Read more

5 Ways to Control Anger When You Start Getting Angry

How to control anger

Anger is something that we cannot sometimes avoid. Many things can make us angry. Can be from within yourself or environmental factors. Anger is a reaction to things that are not in accordance with one’s wishes or desires. The thing to realize is that when excessive anger can have an impact on health factors such as high blood … Read more

16 Best Quotes To Inspire Positive Change in Your Life

Change quotes in life

Changes from bad things to good things are significant for people who want to move forward. Especially if you feel your life is currently mediocre or tends to be in a state of disadvantage in terms of material, now is the time for you to think and realize change for a better future. It is indeed not easy … Read more