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11 Wise Quotes About Saving Money from The Experts

Saving Money from The Experts

Thrifty or frugality is often interpreted as part of a stingy and unpleasant lifestyle. Even though it’s not true, savings can be a part of our life that is fun if we save money with planning and the intention to achieve something. Indeed frugality has many benefits. The most sensible and most popular benefit is… Read More »

11 Leadership and Teamwork Quotes for Work Motivation

Leadership and Teamwork Quotes for Work Motivation

Leadership and Teamwork Quote – In this life, togetherness is a very important thing. Humans cannot live without others, because basically, humans are social beings. Likewise in business, the togetherness in a team can make the business growing rapidly because each person can synergize with the strengths possessed. In a team, one another can strengthen… Read More »

Wise Quotes About Commitment in Life

Wise quotes

Commitment in the large Indonesian dictionary means attachment (promise) to do something in accordance with the contract. Commitment is a word that is easy for many people to say, but also easy to violate. Commitment is not just a promise to achieve goals, but a stronger commitment than that. A committed person will strive with… Read More »

Moving on Quotes to Keep You Step Forward

moving on quotes

The following are the advice and moving on quotes to stay motivated to keep your step forward. The past is indeed a part of one’s life. Everyone has a bad or good history. Bad pasts often haunt our steps to move forward to achieve a better life. The thing to do is when having a… Read More »

Friendship Quotes to Inspire You to Maintain Relationship

true frind quotes

The following is a collection of friendship quotes that might inspire you in establishing social life around you. In this life, humans cannot live alone without help from others. This is what causes humans to be called social beings. The friend is someone who can make you happy or sometimes angry (by their criticism) in… Read More »

Hard Work Quotes for Your Daily Motivation

hard work quotes

The following are a collection of inspirational hard work quotes that can be used as references so that we are more motivated at work. Working and getting income is the need of each especially for the head (leader) of the family. There is much kind of motivation for someone to work. But most of a… Read More »