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A Collection of Boredom Quotes that Can Restore Your Spirit

motivational bored quotes

Boredom is often a psychological disease that can attack everyone. The routine activities every day sometimes makes it difficult for people to avoid feeling bored. But unfortunately, boredom sometimes comes from our responsibility, such as daily work or school tasks. Even often bored is felt in a relationship between lovers. Many people actually realize that boredom can hinder … Read more

Motivational Quotes About Complaining That Make You Stop Doing It

Motivational Quotes about complaining

Are you complaining about the current situation? Yes, almost everyone has complained, and it turns out this is a bad habit. Psychologically complaining can worsen mental development and trigger psychological disorders. When the psychic is disturbed, then the body will also be disturbed. Worse, complaining could not solve the problem at hand. However, it cannot be denied that … Read more

Life Quotes to Motivate and Make You Happy

Life Quotes

Life Quotes are one of the best motivations when someone is less passionate in doing activities. We can get these words from various sources, especially from our holy Qur’an and from the Sunnah of the Prophet in the Hadith. In addition, we can also get wise words from the advice of friends, family or people around us who … Read more

8 Quotes of Prayer to Strengthen a Disheartened Heart

Quotes of Prayer to Strengthen Heart

“The pray that granted by God is one of the sources of divine power that cannot be changed by human. No matter how hard man tries, but if God wills other things, his efforts will be in vain. ” – Anonim This time will present the wise quotes about praying from several figures known to be successful in their fields. There … Read more