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It’s Ok Not To Be An Entrepreneur


People are obsessed with money, so what do they do? They read some inspiring post and dream about what they could do if they could quit their job, live in an exotic country and get paid to do what they love. It’s easy to sell a lifestyle like that, what they forget to say is that it seldom … Read more

Motivational Quotes to Give Passion for You to Be More Successful

Motivational Quotes

Life is full of struggle. No person can live alone, and motivation is needed to be able to fight for what is aspired. Motivation can come from anywhere. Can be from the Qur’an (in Islam), Hadith, advice from friends or family and of course from motivational quotes of people who have experienced and succeeded in their fields. If … Read more

How to overcome Excessive Anger According to Islamic Teachings

How to overcome Excessive Anger

Anger is something that is sometimes difficult to avoid. But even so, the Prophet Muhammad had advised that we can avoid anger. So if possible, we avoid things that can make us angry or not angry when you are in a situation that is likely to be angry. According to Stormsofmygrandchildren, by following the rules of Islamic teachings, … Read more

Negative Effects of Hoaxes That You Need to Know When You Trust

Hoax News

Hoax, according to the understanding that I got so far, was news that did not really happen that was distributed for certain purposes.     Generally, hoax news contains negative things. Many of the goals of news hoaxes, among others, are to scare the reader, to spread hatred towards certain people or institutions, or it can be to … Read more

How to Motivate Yourself by Asking Great Questions

Self Motivation with question

Have you ever motivated yourself with empowering questions? As you ask questions like this: What do I have to do so I can get a promotion? How can we establish cooperation again? Or have you ever asked yourself such as: Why isn’t my salary going up? Why do I always fail in building relationships with other people? Quality … Read more

Anger Management : Tips for Controlling Your Anger

Anger management

Everyone must ever be angry. Anger is a natural expression that is almost certainly experienced by everyone. Anger is interpreted as an expression/response made as a result of a mismatch of what is desired with the results obtained. Angry does not always have to be interpreted as a negative thing. Anger can also have a positive impact if … Read more