The name of this website is taken from the name of a book called Storms of My Grandchildren which is a book written by James E.Hansen, an American scientist.

Storms of My Grandchildren is a scientific book that contains Global Warming and its impact on the environment and humans in the future.

Currently, this website is no longer used as a publisher of the book Storms Of My Grandchildren because it has not been extended by the owner and has changed ownership.

But in respect to the previous owners and people who have planted their backlinks to this website regarding the Storms of My Grandchildren book, I provide a special page that provides information about the book Storms of My Grandchildren.

At present, this website is not related to the publication of books or matters related to books written by James E. Hansen.

This website contains writings on motivation, quotes and everything that can be an inspiration that the authors hope can be useful to know.

The purpose of writing on this website is to provide enthusiasm, inspiration, and motivation to the readers with the spirit of sharing the kindness of the author.

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