16 Collection of Best Marriage Quotes to Inspire You

Below marriage quotes are the best advice as an inspiration for your household to be more harmonious.

When we get married or do a marriage, it means that a couple of candidate promises to commit so that each of them can give each other the best for the continuation of their household or their family, including their children.

Getting married is initially beautiful, and finally, it should also be beautiful. But in the process of maintaining household harmony, many things can happen. Being together every time is may what every couple wants.

However, we all need to know that bringing together the differences between two individuals who have just lived together (marriage) must be followed by sincere commitment.

This is because there will be many differences that must be compromised by a married couple, including the arising of problems, especially in the early years of marriage. These problems include financial issues, differences in character, husband and wife relationships, attention, and so forth.

Previously, let us discuss the meaning of marriage so that we will understand what marriage is.

First, the purpose of marriage is not to live happily, but rather to make life better. It is undeniable that all people in this world want to live happily.

However, happiness will not always be found in marriage because there must be various tests. With a variety of “tests,” through marriage, you will be trained to be a better person, especially when you succeed in passing things that are difficult with your partner.

The second, by getting married, it means you choose to commit. Don’t get married just because of love because that feeling can disappear over time. However, with a commitment that is always upheld, the marriage relationship will last until the end of life.

Best Marriage Quotes to Inspire You

Love with all the shortcomings


“When someone doesn’t meet our criteria, even far away, it doesn’t mean we can’t like it. Ask our parents, our grandfather’s grandmother, their marriage lasting, precisely because they still like someone with all their shortcomings. “- Tere Liye

If you are looking for the perfect, then it is not real love. Finding true love not only accepts all the advantages but also takes all the shortcomings.

We can reflect on the marriage of parents or grandparents who can still walk forever even though they are not a perfect partner. Lack of husband and wife is a compliment in domestic life. So, the key to eternal marriage is to accept our partner’s shortcomings.

The main conditions for marriage


“There are four conditions in every happy marriage. The first is faith, and the rest is trust. “- Elbert Hubbard

According to the Pearls of Marriage above, if you want to get happiness in marriage, have faith and trust. Faith in God will teach us always to love and try to make our partner happy.

Next, don’t forget to uphold trust. Trust is needed in marriage to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Usually, a married couple has a feeling of jealousy towards their partner.

As long as jealousy does not exceed the limit, this is not a problem. Excessive jealousy will threaten household happiness.

Part of Marriage


“Commitment, loyalty, passion, and love are part of marriage.” – Lala Purwono

In marriage, there are things that must be considered — for example, commitment, loyalty, lust, and love. Without it all, marriage will not be perfect.

Commitment is needed so that marriage can last long until death picks up. Couples who are committed to going through marriage until the end of their lives can maintain marriage even though many obstacles and problems come.

Furthermore, this marriage quotes revealed that loyalty is also essential so that household life can last. Each partner must have the nature. Households are more vulnerable to break if the partner does not have loyalty.

Another thing that must be considered is love. Love can make household life happy. Husband and wife must always keep love so that they are not lost in time. Because many couples who have been married for a long time experience boredom and loss of love.

The cause of marriage is not happy


“Not for lack of love, but the lack of friendship that makes marriage unhappy.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Marriage is not just a matter of love. However, a happy marriage is a marriage that has a strong commitment like friendship.

Friendship is needed in a marriage because a husband and wife commit to complement each other, live together, work together in each task, understand each other and so on. It’s all essential so that household life can be harmonious.

If you want happiness, then don’t forget to act like a friend to your partner. Have you applied the marriage quotes above in your household?

Marriage creates love


“Love does not create marriage. A conscious, planned marriage creates love. The same thing happens in all relationships. “- Harville Hendrix

Indeed, it does not love that creates marriage, but it is a marriage that produces love. Although two people decided to get married because of a sense of love, after marriage the love will deepen.

With a strong commitment, the promise to love each other, be loyal, mutually reinforcing in all conditions, the union can run in harmony.

The longer together, the seeds of love will grow bigger. The task of husband and wife is to keep the seeds of love to keep growing.

Love can die if both parties do not take good care of it. The marriage quotes mentioned above are wise enough to reflect on many couples who only have love and affection but without planning when married.

Life in a marriage


“Marriage does not only contain hugs but also fights.” – Gede Prama

If you are not married yet, you must know about marriage not only a beautiful matter, but there is also a bitter that must be felt. If you already know from the beginning, then when facing household life you will not be surprised.

Surely every human being wants to have a happy home life. However, it is common knowledge that every relationship has different problems with other partners.

Household problems are complex. Starting from financial problems, intimate relationships, family relationships with extended families, differences of opinion, ways of parenting, and so on.

If each partner cannot handle it properly, the household relationship will be bland. Even, it is often many husbands and wives quarrel because of experiencing some of these problems.

Do not assume that marriage only contains smiles and laughter. According to the marriage quotes of Gede, you must be prepared with the above matters while undergoing a household.

About the arrival of a soul mate

“Maybe all this time God has hijab you from the marriage ceremony that you expect because of your immoral still keep walking.” – Felix Siauw

Many people are asking questions about dating that never comes. An Ustad Felix, through quoting his marriage quotes, said that someone who had not been sent a mate from Allah SWT could be because he was still doing various kinds of disobedience.

Well, if you want to meet a soul mate who has been destined for you, then don’t forget to maintain your behavior and deeds. Do not do acts that are forbidden by Allah SWT. Many charity will make it easier for you to meet a soul mate. It’s true that Mr. Ustad Felix’s Pearl of Marriage words.

The Key to a Successful Wedding


“A successful marriage is always a triangle: a man, and God (Allah SWT).” – Cecil Myers

The key to a successful marriage is a marriage that has love between a man, woman and Allah SWT. This is called a love triangle.

If you want to have a successful marriage, don’t forget to have a love triangle that involves God in your marriage relationship. Love because God will make you always maintain your behavior and outlook. You will also do all your obligations and give all your partner’s rights with sincerity.

If you love your wife or husband because of God, then you will have a beautiful love. Love that always blossoms and will not disappear even though you have been with your partner for years. The power of Allah SWT will eliminate that boredom.

The difference before and after marriage


“Open your eyes wide before marriage, and half closed afterwards” – Benjamin Franklin

According to the Pearls of Marriage above, you have the right to choose the best possible life partner. Therefore, before getting married, open your eyes so that you can find one of the best. You should make every effort to find out what you think is worthy of being a life partner.

However, after you find the best to be your partner, change your perspective. You must close half your eyes after you decide to get married. Even though there are people who are better than your partner, don’t pay attention.

Commit to always loving your partner by accepting all the shortcomings. If there is an act that you think is not good, tell him (her) carefully so that he becomes a better person than before.

Married because of worship


When people get married because they think that is a love story all their lives, they will separate as soon as possible. because all love stories end in disappointment. Marriage is a confession of a spiritual identity. “- Joseph Campbell

Intention to make a marriage is significant for household sustainability. Wrong intentions will make the marriage not last long. There are still many people who make mistakes when building a marriage. They think that marriage is their love story.

You must understand that human love will not last. As time goes by, love can fade. This is when the house is threatened, and the marriage will end with the loss of love.

Eternal love belongs only to Allah SWT. Do not forget to intend to marry because of Allah SWT. When you engage Allah SWT in your love relationship with your partner, the feeling of love will last forever, making a lasting marriage.

In the teachings of Islam, getting married is the Sunnah of the Rasul, if done, will get a reward. Well, the right intention to marry is to worship. By getting married, we will avoid the sin of adultery which is so cursed by Allah SWT.

Happy marriage because there is friendship in it


“Happy marriage always enjoys the pleasures of friendship. All the beauty and sweetness are mixed in the happiness of life. “- Joseph Addison

Friendship makes life beautiful. Smiles, laughter, tears, sadness will be felt together with friends. A good friend will always feel comfortable near his best friend. Likewise in married life. If you want to have happiness in household life, have a strong friendship between husband and wife.

The house will be filled with jokes and laughter. There will be no tears because it is too possessive with the partner, too jealous, demands the couple to give everything, and so on.

Marriage with friendship will have a sense of mutual understanding, loving, strengthening, loving, forgiving, and so on. The lack of a partner will not be a reason to stop continue to love him until the end of his life.

Often fall in love with the same person


“A successful marriage is falling in love often and always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin

According to the marriage quotes above, often falling in love with the same person will make a happy marriage. Just imagine if every day you fall in love with your husband or wife. Surely the days will be beautiful.

Falling in love makes everything done to be beautiful, the mistake of a partner will not make a big problem because it will make you more forgiving. People who fall in love will also always try to make their partner happy.

If the husband and wife always try to make each other happy, the marriage life will be successful.

Wrong marriage definition

“Some teenagers think marriage is like entering a restaurant where people only find that delicious.” – Gede Prama

The assumption that getting married will always find beautiful things is not always true. Marriage is a new phase of life where two people commit to the relationship being husband and wife.

In the life of married people, there would undoubtedly be various problems that came — various household problems.

If you are not married, from now on prepare yourself to face married life. Be prepared to be able to solve every problem that exists. If you are ready, then you will be able to get through marriage successfully so that happiness will come to you.

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Become the right partner


“Success in marriage is not only achieved through finding the right partner, but also through being the right partner.” – Barnett Brickner

Don’t just crave to have the right partner to get happiness in marriage. Without changing yourself to be the right partner, you will not be able to get a successful marriage. Your partner also needs people who want to share the love in joy and sorrow, just like you.

The right partner will disappear over time if you are unable to look after it properly. The right partner must be balanced to be being the right partner to be able to last.

The marriage breaks the dividing wall between men and women


“Hidden or visible, there is a separation between men and women until a marriage unites them.” – C.S Lewis

There is a separation wall between men and women. However, the separation wall will melt when a marriage is formed. What used to be, women and men could not live together, after marriage they could live together to make love.

Husbands and wives can unite with one common goal even though there are generally differences of opinion that often make a fight.

Beautiful wedding


“Marriage is the right to find opportunities to tease each other and fight as often as possible.” – Jane Austen

In the marriage ceremony, two things are often experienced by married couples — compassion with quarrels.

Almost all couples in this world ever fight with a partner. This is natural. However, the husband and wife must immediately realize that a fight should not be left for long because it can threaten the marriage.

Get used to not exaggerating the problem. Establish communication with your partner so that quarrels can be minimized.

That’s a collection of marriage quotes from famous people. Hopefully, it can inspire the meaning of marriage and how to get a happy marriage. Do not expect the happiness of marriage will always be felt every time without any effort to create happiness.

Happy Wedding Quotes

The following are happy wedding quotes for your friend, relative or closest friend.

You can write these quotes in the form of e-mail, postcard, memo or guest book as a form of expression:

  1. The Real Love Journey

This is the beginning of your true love journey to build love under one roof and to sail the ocean of life together.

Hopefully a happy family, full of joy, and blessed with offspring who boast of their parents.

Amen Wishing you all the best in your new life.

  1. The Storm Strengthens Love

Get ready through the storms of life, make them strengthen your love for each other.

May your wedding day and so on always be full of happiness and joy.

Wishing you all the best in your new life.

  1. Two for One

When you are husband and wife, you will have two fulfilling dreams, two complementary ambitions, two hearts for mutual respect, and two lives for one purpose.

Happy new life, happy forever.

  1. Wedding ingredients

May your marriage be presented with the perfect love potion: a glass of attention, a touch of laughter, a spoonful of understanding, and a handful of patience in joy and sorrow.

May you be eternal in eternity of love. Happy ark of love together.

  1. Proof of the Power of Love

The long-time passed to knit love in a dating relationship is proof of how strong your love is.

This marriage deserves to be yours.

Happy new life, hopefully you will love each other until death separates.

  1. Kingdom of Love

Really, the kingdom of love is real, which you prove through this marriage.

You have become kings and queens who are entitled to sit on the throne of the kingdom of love.

Now, it’s time for you to build a magnificent kingdom of love.

Wishing you all the best in your new life. May the endless happiness be overwhelmed.

  1. The Universe Rejoices

wedding greetings these days

My ears hear the birds singing, my eyes see the blooming flowers.

Apparently, not only me, but they were also cheerfully welcoming a new couple who had made a sacred promise, as long as they for life.

Congratulations on living a new life, hopefully becoming a happy family.

  1. Your spouse is part of you

My friend, God used to take one of your ribs to create a woman who will be your best man.

Now, you have found that woman.

Love and take care of him like you love and take care of yourself because he is part of you.

  1. Getting married is an abundance of happiness

This is the peak of your two dating periods. And this is the beginning of your new life.

From today, you are a married couple. Be prepared to receive even more happiness.

  1. Nature also approves

The sunny day today seems like a gesture that nature blesses your marriage.

You are a very special couple.

The love of one of us has the goodness of all people.

  1. Not Romeo and Juliet

Your love story may be like Romeo and Juliet, but believe me, you are much luckier.

Today, you become a life-long couple in the bonds of a holy marriage.

Hopefully, become a new family full of love.

  1. The Mystery of Love

Starting from an accidental meeting to finally establish love.

And today, you have become an extraordinary couple.

Congratulations on living a new life, my best wishes and prayers for both of you always.

  1. Marriage Multiply Everything

The ups and downs you felt when you were dating were nothing.

It is in the bond of marriage that everything will multiply, both joy and sorrow.

May the power of love be able to protect your new family from all the bad things that come.

  1. New Mandate

Good luck, yes, my friend. You will now carry out your new mandate as a wife.

Obey your husband because the pleasure of Allah lies in your husband’s pleasure. Good luck always with your priest.

  1. Speech for Male Friends

Happy marriage, my brother, now you have become a priest who has the mandate and great responsibility for your wife and children later.

Keep your spirits up, be a great husband and loving father for your family. May Allah always take care of you.

  1. Until Death Separates

May you become husband and wife who are always in love with each other.

Congratulations on your new life. My prayers for you, may your marriage lasts until death separate.

  1. The Most Beautiful Strand of Friends

May you always feel as close as today.

May your life be blessed.

May you find happiness in your home as a shelter from the storms of life.

May your love grow stronger as you share your life.

And hopefully your future is more beautiful than you ever dreamed of.

  1. Days to Remember

My greatest desire for you is that in the years to come, the love between you two will grow deeper and stronger.

That a few years from now, you will look back and remember this day, your wedding day, so that love is maintained as it was the first time you fell in love.

  1. The True Nature of Love

Finally, fate brings you two together.

Togetherness to reach piety is the truest nature of love.

Take care of your household ark with love because of Allah and His Messenger.

  1. The Beginning of Perfect Love

It is incredible happiness when I see you two holding hands at the altar and holding a marriage ceremony as the beginning of perfect love.

Happy new life, my best friend.

  1. Finally Found Someone

After all, this time looking for friends to spend life together, finally, now you find him.

May your togetherness in this sacred marriage bond make you a family that is always in God’s protection and full of happiness.

  1. Death Is Separating, Not Dishonesty

And now God has granted your hope.

Keep your love together, don’t let this beautiful family be damaged by dishonesty that will make you separate.

Let only death will separate you.

May your family always be happy and blessed.

  1. God Loves Simplicity

Happy marriage, my best friend. Create a simple family but has a lot of meaning.

Do not create a luxurious family, but poor in meaning.

Remember, because of that God really likes simplicity.

  1. Growing Love

The celebration of your marriage only lasts for a moment, but hopefully, your love and love will continue to grow.

I hope you become a perfect match.

  1. Like Black and White

Love is like black and white. Sometimes everything goes beautifully, at other times it turns dark.

However, behind all that, there must be hidden wisdom.

Congratulations to live a new life, hopefully you can always pass the ups and downs together.

  1. Marriage Makes You a Strong Person

Indeed, marriage does not always work as expected.

However, rest assured, the twists and turns of marriage will make you two as a strong and confident person, a patient person in an effort to achieve happiness.

  1. Palace of Love

In fact, a great kingdom bearing love truly exists.

You two prove it with marriage today.

Hopefully, the palace that you build will always be filled with happiness and blessings from God.

  1. Dreams and Desires Must Complement Each Other

When you are legally married, you will have many dreams that affect each other.

There will be two equally strong and complementary desires.

Hopefully, it can become a family as exemplified by the Prophet and soon be given a pious and pious descendant.

  1. Love Comes to the Right Person

Love always comes to the right person.

Friend, in the past, you were innocent when I just knew you.

Today, you’ve sat at the altar.

Please accept my greetings and prayers, hopefully, happiness will never disappear from your life.

  1. Dream Comes True

I know what you’ve always dreamed of before.

Because of that, I also know for sure that right now, your smile is breaking, your heart is filled with happiness because today, your dream is coming true.

Hopefully, happiness on this day will faithfully accompany your days onwards.

  1. The Best Prayer

O Allah, complete the happiness of my two brothers by making their marriage worship to You and proof of the binding of love for the Messenger of Allah.

“Blessed be the Lord who created all pairs, both from what the earth grew and from themselves, and from what they did not know (QS 36:36).

  1. Pantun Prayer for Friends

Full moon smiled brightly

Even the stars don’t want to lose

Accompany my most beautiful prayers

For my best friend who is married today

  1. Perfect Happiness

I really did not think, when running so fast toward you.

Friend, your happiness is now complete.

You have found your missing rib.

I’m happy to see you happy. Happy wedding, may your days always be filled with love.

  1. Your Match is Good for You

Your soulmate is goodness that will bring you infinite and priceless happiness.

I hope your marriage goes well.

May love always radiate from the Supreme Love to you both.

Hopefully sakinah, mawaddah, warahmah. Amen

  1. He Is the Best for You

Seeing the hands of the two of you holding each other, saying the sacred promise on the aisle stage is happiness for me.

You have found a life partner who will guard and love you with all your heart.

This marriage is proof that he is the best for you.

May your household always be full of love and happiness.

  1. An arranged marriage goes by His Will

When love has come, the heart becomes calm. Grow all hope for the beauty of love.

Believe that your arranged marriage goes according to His will.

Congratulations on taking a new episode as husband and wife, always happy.

  1. Trials are God’s Love

Married life is not always decorated with happiness. There will be a time of sadness coming.

However, whatever is faced, happy or sad, difficult or happy, it is all a test and form of God’s love for you who are married.

Congratulations on your marriage.

  1. Shoulder to Lean

Congratulations, yes, for your marriage. Starting today, you have a shoulder to lean on when you are tired.

I wish you all the best for you and your new family on this special day and forever

  1. Life after Marriage Is Not Easy

Friends, life after marriage is not always easy.

I hope you are always able to maintain family happiness. Congratulation for your wedding.

  1. You’re Very Lucky!

marriage reception greetings

You are very fortunate to have met each other.

Congratulations! I wish you lots of happiness.

  1. Love Never Changes

funny Javanese wedding sayings

Time can change many things, but I hope that your love for your family will never change.

  1. Happiness on Today and Beyond

The happiness that you have received today is expected to last a lifetime. Amen

  1. Prayers for Young Families

Marriage is the start of hopeful young family life.

Hopefully, a happy little family will come true.

  1. Married to Live Together

The purpose of marriage is to live and spend time together.

Never spend time just to busy looking for money.

  1. Recipe for Family Happiness

Patience and honesty and trust between married couples is a happy recipe for the family.

  1. Marriage Like an Island

New life is like a peaceful and beautiful island.

What it will be like depends on how you treat it. Congratulation for your wedding.

  1. Fight for Your Happiness

Being happy when you are a bride is natural.

However, happiness must be fought to remain there until old age.

  1.   Life Living Agreement

This happy day will deliver two people to a life-long agreement called marriage.

  1. Intersecting Time

The time that runs creeping finally brings you two together in a beautiful altar filled with flowers.

  1. Dusk No Longer Alone

The dusk you used to go alone, now you go with a sweetheart.

Wishing you all the best in your new life.

  1. The Aroma of Happiness in the Air

You know the pleasure of the air you breathe every day.

However, after this marriage, the air will mix with the scent of happiness.

We wish you a more beautiful life.

  1. The Most Beautiful Hope

Congratulations and the most beautiful wishes for you both on this wedding day. Happy Wedding, my best friend!

  1. Love and Be Loved

Loving and being loved is happiness.

Hopefully always happy in knitting life together.

  1. Share One Heart

Marriage is a beautiful time when two souls begin a journey to share one heart.

May your love always grow with the days passed.

  1. Happiness that Never End

Be happy because happiness in marriage will never run out even if it is dug up every day.

  1. The Gateway to Happiness

Your happiness today is the main gateway to a world full of happiness.

We wish you a lasting marriage.

  1. Love as High as the Sky

May your love always grow and grow until it touches the sky-high.

And hope you have a beautiful life!

  1. Grace Door Openers

Good luck, friend, hopefully, this marriage will open the door of grace, a source of knowledge and wisdom, and a sense of security.

  1. Life Is Not Just One Color

Marriage makes people more mature and knows that life doesn’t have only one color.

Good luck, friend!

  1. The Real Meaning of Marriage

Marriage is not about living together forever, but how to live together and be happy.

Many people think that life after marriage will always be beautiful. There will be many problems that must be passed together by husband and wife. The essence of marriage is to position the husband and wife as friends so that life will be happy.

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